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So let’s talk about how Target is basically my disneyworld. They’ve got all the great stuff, sometimes.  I’m especially loving their newest superhero/comic strip theme going on. (and I may have just had to buy the holographic superhero place-mats despite the absense of any real need…). I’m pretty sure they’ve got the best rotating selection of cards and stationary too. Thanks, Target. You’re the best/worst distraction ever.

the great outdoors

sycamore trail



We went hiking along the Sycamore Trail while Christy was visiting. It was fun-ish. It was a great opportunity to talk and I enjoyed hearing the childhood shenanigans of Luke and and the family brood back in the day about as much as they enjoyed retelling them. Its always a bit entertaining to realize there are certain similarities of experience that seem to play out in every family despite their otherwise extreme differences. Also, we saw not one but two snakes along the way which was great. (You know I love communing with nature.)




life lately

work. lunch. ethiopian love.

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One of the things I miss most about living in Seattle is eating at Enat. I love, love, love *vegetarian* ethiopian food and it is SUCH a sadness that we have not found a single ethiopian restaurant to write home about in all of the Triangle. Leave it to my ethiopian customers to bring me homemade food made in celebration of their Easter. Sometimes my customers are the greatest.