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the day i realized the same chest of drawers shows up in my iphone photos 4 different times over the span of two years

IMG_0982ed… and blogged about them once already. I had totally forgotten.

Serendipitous Dispatch!

Serendipitous Dispatch

From time to time I like to send snail mail or packages to people. There are of course the expected occasions – Christmas, birthdays, graduations –  but my favorites are more spontaneous in nature. Often times the mail I send is impulsive – spurred by the fact that I just happened upon something small and mailable that made me think of the person in question. I call it ‘Serendipitous Dispatch’. It should come as no surprise then that most packages sent from my home are en route to my nephews and nieces whose age and enthusiasm make cheap, little surprises so easy to succeed with.


As I thought about it yesterday, I realized my packages have become increasingly themed and correspond generally with seasons or holidays. I sent a package to my nephews at Halloween, for instance. Then Christmas. Then, something very small, at Easter. And there were little prizes for Fall, Winter, now Summer…


Sometimes I’ll save a growing collection of things for a while and then bundle it all up and ship it. Other times, I’ve gathered the components quickly. In either case, I usually try to keep the items light and cheap spending the most on shipping OR cram everything I can into a small or medium priority box. I learned my lesson at Christmas on that one. Shipping is f*ing CRAZY otherwise. Truly it has gotten out of control – – $40+ to ship a 7lb box?!

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I learned long ago that to do this is to create happiness in a vacuum. Rarely do I hear back afterwards. In fact, I likely wouldn’t know if it never got delivered. But as someone guilty of such receipt myself I understand and accept that it comes with the territory. It doesn’t mean the mail isn’t appreciated or enjoyed just that they’re busy living. And in the end I enjoy sending them.

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i’ve got damn good cookies.

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what i like to call ‘Glorified (chicken!) Tortilla Soup’

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Most of the time it doesn’t have actual chicken in it and there have never been tortillas. But whateves’ the name seems fitting in my mind. We’re pretty much eating this every night around here for, like, a month and a half now. It’s. that. good. Here’s what you do:

1. Chop up 2-3 celery stalks (really small) and 2-3 big peeled carrots.

2. Put them in a soup pot with a whole carton of chicken stock and a box of pasta noodles (we like these elbow noodles best but these are damn tasty too).*If you like your soup more soup-y, or you’re trying to save a little money, only add a half to three quarters of the noodles. If you’re feeling wild and crazy (and you happen to have a cut-up rotisserie chicken) you can add a little chicken meat too.

3. Turn the burner on high.

4. Add 1 tsp of ground pepper and 1/2tsp of each of the following: chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder. *If you’re sensitive to spice, cut the seasoning in half for a nice non-spicy flavor.

5. Once the soup begins to boil, reduce the temperature to medium and let it cook for, eh, 8-10 minutes-ish.

6. A minute or so before you’re going to serve up add a big serving spoon full of corn and navy beans.

7. Divide soup into bowls and *this is crucial* add a heaping spoonful of sour cream and a small handful of shredded cheese to each bowl.

8. Top with diced avocado.

9. Devour and enjoy.