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We’ve grown to l.o.v.e tea these days. Like l.o.v.e it.

I don’t really know how it started but like all things with us, when we got into it we got a bit obsessed.

For Christmas we got {this electric kettle} from Christy (at the suggestion of Kaelyn) and it has rocked our world.

(which is really a topic all its own since we use it for every.thing not just tea)

And I gave Luke a new Thermos. He looked at it skeptically at first.

But, funny thing, a day hasn’t gone by that he hasn’t used it (except while we were in Colorado).



Luke pretty much sticks to herbal teas. Favorites include:

* TAZO ‘vanilla rooibos parfait’ (which has snazzy new packaging)

*HIBISCUS ‘vanilla apple’ from The Republic of Tea

* CELESTIAL SEASONS ‘Decaf Mint Green Tea’

*YOGI ‘Soothing Caramel Bedtime’

I really like CELESTIAL SEASONS ‘raspberry zinger’ and ‘mandarin orange spice’ too.


On the whole though I’m more of a caffeine chaser. Some favorites include:

* TAZO ‘Om’, ‘Joy’, and ‘Earl Grey’

(The ‘Organic Darjeeling’ is good too but sometimes tastes like soap to me… )

*The Republic of Tea ‘Blackberry Sage’ and ‘Earl Greyer’

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I cannot wait to see what happens with teavana now that Starbucks has bought the company.

*Hopefully* I’ll get a discount or something and we can find some new favorites. ;)