$99.99 shopping spree

{A little peek at some of the things I’d consider spending $99.99 on if I were in the market to shop…}

Maybe a side table or (or nesting set of two) for our living room…

Or put it towards a snazzy new chest of drawers I’ve been spying at Pier One…

There’s no denying my kitchen would be happier with…

And I do need a good tea pot…

It’s starting to get cold outside which means some gloves, hats, and coats will be put to good use…

As would some great tights….

…and winter shoes too…

Or perhaps a few little things festive and merry to get into the holiday spirit…

Weirdly enough, none of my wishes or desires are leading me to Walmart in Houston… So why some scoundrel in Texas tried to go on a $99.99 shopping spree at my expense totally confounds me. Thanks, Chase Visa for having my back. I’ll go back to saving my pennies now.



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