hello holiday!

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 6: Your Expressive Nephew Who Has Found His Toes And Likes Dancing To Shakira

traffic mobile

A mesmerizing and quirky traffic mobile. $35

sevilla blocks

A colorful set of unique blocks. $63

hippokangaroobrown bear

A few beautifully crafted maple wood play animals like this hippopotamus, kangaroo, or brown bear. $14 – $44

swaddling blankets

A hip three pack of swaddling blankets. $37

magica rattle

A stimulating rattle for little hands. $13

blooming bath

A blooming bath for washing baby in the kitchen sink. $40


A wooden toy recycling truck. $13

haba tent

A cozy tent to last through childhood. $171


A basket of play fruit and vegetables. $2.50 and up


A fun children’s book like Dragons Love Tacos or Interrupting Chicken. $11.15 and $10.61 respectively



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