hello holiday!

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Your Hardworking Brother From ‘Deep In The Heart Of’ Texas

wood bookwood chips

A to-the-point book for perfecting meat on the grill and some highly rated apple wood chips. $24

crown royal

A bottle of his favorite whiskey. $36


A large French “Douk-Douk” knife rich with historical significance. $27

lucchese boots

Go in with family to give the cadillac of boots – a pair of legendary luccheses. $350 and up

belkin bluetoothA bluetooth hands-free link for streaming music on the go from his smart phone. $37


Crystal star cufflinks for his upcoming wedding. $90

cinch shirt

A workman’s cinch shirt and new felt cowboy hat. $50 – $110

presto knife sharpener

An electric knife sharpener. $28


A classic duffel meant for the man who loathes checking luggage. $103

shave kit blockshave kit razorshave kit brush

Basic shaving kit comprised of an osma alum block, a merkur razor, and a  pure badger hair brush. $54



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