kitty cats

Cat Love.

The kitty-cats have been living life on the wild side for over 2 months now – – prancing around the garden, bouncing around the back yard, trolling the neighbors’ yards and exploring the forest. Some things have changed for them. Mac got into a cat fight the other week and came home with a bleeding ear, intense scabbing all over his furry little head, and had a close call with a could-be abscess on his chest. Allegra has to be tricked to come inside most nights and consequently throws the most ridiculous tantrum when she realizes she’s been trapped. Fortunately though some things have stayed the same and even gotten better. Like Mac purring so sweetly when you scratch is belly or pet him or, sometimes, just look at him. Allegra has gotten much, much sweeter and when she is inside she tends to be more social and content and cute. Overall there is no doubt they are happier cats.


One thought on “Cat Love.

  1. Good for the kitties. They are in the process of becoming fully realized cats. Lots of upside, considerable downside, but living life. Atta boys for both cats and for their parents. Love, MOM


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