hello holiday!

Thanksgiving 2012

This was not the first year I worked an 8 hour shift on Thanksgiving morning and then spent the afternoon with Luke in the absence of family. Our first year in Durham we spent Thanksgiving evening with a hodge-podge of Duke graduate students and an English professor’s annual T-day potluck. Last year, was low-key with just the two of us. This year too. However, this year we’re eating meat again and so… We cooked a Turkey!

Truthfully, while the turkey was good and tasty we were much more surprised by the beans and the gluten free stuffing. And besides being thankful that our meal turned out well, I am so thankful this year to have a wonderful husband who spent hours in the kitchen with me cooking and who continues to surprise me with his love, consideration, and willingness to put in the work it takes to keep a relationship improving and getting better week after week.

Other things on my mind this Thanksgiving  – – my mother, our family miles away, reliable transportation, a home that we can afford, and sweet cuddly purr-fect kitty-cats.


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Looks wonderful. Yeah for all the cooking and the fearlessness that requires. Super yeah!!!! for working on the relationship which takes time, energy, and total fearlessness. MOM is very proud. And save the gluten free dressing recipe so that you can make it here. Love, MOM


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