civil engagement + Congratulations, America!

Hooray! The presidential campaign is finally over and it seems Obama did more than just “eek out” a victory. Alas, the shameless and obnoxious stumping can cease and we can all get on with our real lives and, maybe, even work to make the country better. In all truth, if Romney had actually won I’d need to seriously consider migration to some other, more sane country. (Although I do hate to say that because I truly believe the extreme polarization of our politics will eat us in the end.) But, yes! Obama won!

There’s a great thread on the New York Times Opinion page right now, though, about how elections might change if youth as young as 13 could go to the polls and vote. I’m not sure the inclusion of more pop culture and music into the political process would necessarily improve it, but I do think candidates would be forced to engage more relevant, diverse, and social concerns. I imagine we’d have more civic engagement too because kids would have more time to develop habits and routines involving political engagement and voting.


One thought on “civil engagement + Congratulations, America!

  1. Let the kids vote. It is better than the perpetual “whatever”. Their votes may be better than than the old white guys. And engagement would be a step up for teenagers.


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