life lately


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of obligation and exhaustion. Entering my fourth week of uncompensated overtime coupled with a cough that won’t quit I just may be reaching my breaking point. Its time to win the lottery already. I’m lucky though that I haven’t fallen into full-blown sickness – just headaches, ear-aches, flem, and crippling congestion. It could have been way worse. Now if I can just get well enough to get my flu shot I can coast through winter.

As I’ve begun another hiring spree I am finding, once again, some answers to why there are so many unemployed people in the United States – – or, at least in Durham. A combination of bad education and underwhelming work ethic leave some employers with few choices. It’s never a good sign, for instance, when someone claims to be “etail oriented”. “Detail oriened” isn’t any better – – especially when the candidate didn’t bother to capitalize their own name. But perhaps I’m being nit-picky. It’s also not impressive when someone says the reason they want to work at your store is “cause it looks real easy”. A compliment for my team, perhaps, but not a compelling reason to hire someone new.

All that as it is, I’ve also found more qualified, nice people this go-round than last. More and more folks looking for second or third jobs because the ones they already have don’t pay enough to provide for their necessities. It’s sad too because the more complicated their availability, the harder it is to secure additional employment. I can say for myself that as much as I want to work with people it is hard enough to meet everyone’s wants and needs when they have open availability. I’m not interested in adding on additional complications. Yet when you come across a single father desperate for an additional job but bound by the bus and daycare schedules (plus his existing schedule at his other job) it is hard to say no.

The process of hiring, being extremely over worked, sick, and over-exhausted has left me rather emotional too. I’m ready for a  vacation… or a month off like the French do.



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