birthday party!

18 with 11 years experience

Happy Birthday to my husband who turned 29 yesterday!

Surprise delivery via UPS?


(his mamma loves him)

Presents on the table?


(a birthday isn’t a birthday without some presents on the table)

Birthday purr-fest?

Of course!

(our little lover cat wouldn’t have it any other way)

Birthday breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes with cream cheese frosting?


(gluten free or not birthday pancakes will find a way)

Gadgets and geekery?

You bet’cha!

(this man is drawn to the technical)


A little silliness, a little drama?


(even at 89 this one’ll still be a goofball)



Mos Def! 

(because that makes everything better)


 Birthday pot roast and veggies?

Oh Yes! 

(because his favorite meal is the one-pot-meal)

Successful mission on the part of the birthday angel?

Without fail!

(it was a good one, y’all)


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