life lately


*In the interest of full disclosure I should warn you up front that I only signed up for instagram for the benefit of my mother and I photograph for instagram accordingly. She is the only person I know who will have any interest whatsoever in the random, ordinary, mundane, and sometimes plain stupid things I find worthy of digital immortalisation on a whim. As it turns out, she is also the only person I know who cannot manage to install instagram on her apple device. ;) And so, mom, until you find a way to magic a new app, this one’s for you.

Other highlights:

– the man who tried to convince me that skim milk has 0 calories and then got mad at me when I didn’t agree. haha, ok you win. The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong.

– Mac learned that with enough force and patience he could barrel through the locked kitty window. A+, kitty cat.

– a conspiracy may be brewing to silence my vote. Luke and I mailed our voter registration forms together in the same envelope yet somehow only he succeed in actually getting a voter registration card. What happened?

– Skyped with most of Luke’s family. Nephews are getting cuter and cuter but still won’t talk to us.



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